This is the placeholder for the Brussels participation to the second edition of the global Computational Law & Blockchain Fest. The focus will be on Saturday 16 March 2019.

What can you do?

We are still looking for

  • a venue
  • additional speakers (sharing their academic or practical experience)
  • additional hack challenges, i.e. assignments to build a concrete solution to a blockchain related issue (to present Belgian challenges that can be launched globally next to the global ones that are arranged for in the USA)
  • some volunteers to help on the day itself prepping speakers, guiding groups,…

So if you can help with that, please, contact us.

But even if it would only interest you to come listen to the speakers and participate in the discussions, it would be good that you already RSVP, so we can show speakers, venues, and potential sponsors that it is worth their while to join in as well.

CLBFest – LEARN / DISCUSS (placeholder)

Saturday, Mar 16, 2019, 9:00 AM

No location yet.

1 Legal Hackers Attending

This is a placeholder for the learn/discuss part of the hackathon

Check out this Meetup →


Remember the first edition

We can look back on a first edition in March 2018, which could not have been organised but with the help of Digityser and Lawbox, and the great speakers:

You can find the footage of the event in the facebook video library of Digityser on the date of 17 March 2018. We apologise for the bad quality for a (first) section, which are due to a technical issue that messed up the voice recording.

Check out the global organisation

If you want to look at how the global organisation is doing, you can follow that on

If you want to have an easy overview of events by the Brussels Legal Hackers, and by others but relevant for the Brussels Legal Hackers : check our calendar.