Here we want to assemble (links to) documentation that seems of interest to the (Brussels) Legal Hackers Community.

If you have any suggestions, please, let us know.

The documentation can range from books, over articles, blogposts, and videos, to podcast, links to interesting (online) tools, etc.

The interests for the community generally are rather broad and contain

  • computational law
  • the use of technology to improve
    • access to (legal) information; access to justice
    • application of the law, even enforcement of the law
  • legal design thinking
  • application of (old) law to new (technological) developments, like
    • the exponential growth of data creation, data capture, data storage and data use (through statistics, algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence)
    • open data
    • augmented reality & virtual reality
    • internet of things
    • increasing ability of robots
    • distributed ledger, smart contracts and virtual currency